Microbial Genomics and Bioinformatics

Microbial genomics and bioinformatics unravel the genetic blueprints of microorganisms, from bacteria to viruses. This marriage of biology and data science deciphers their DNA, revealing insights into evolution, functions, and interactions. Bioinformatics tools analyze vast genetic data, aiding drug discovery, personalized medicine, and understanding microbial roles in ecosystems. Unveiling microbial secrets at the molecular level, this field propels breakthroughs across medicine, agriculture, and environmental management. With every genetic sequence decoded, new possibilities emerge for harnessing microorganisms to transform industries and tackle global challenges.

  • Metagenomics and Metatranscriptomics
  • Comparative Microbial Genomics
  • Functional Annotation of Microbial Genomes

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March 18-19, 2024

53rd World Congress on Microbiology

Zurich, Switzerland
May 09-10, 2024

16th International Virology Summit

Barcelona, Spain

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