Research Contribution and Achievement

The conference offers emerging scholar awards to outstanding researchers, exceptional graduates or early academicians who have distinctive enthrallment towards the conference themes. The Award strives in providing a strong professional development opportunity for early career academicians—meeting experts in the field, interacting with colleagues from other parts of the world, and creating networks and long-term relations.


  • Expert Level (Scientific Service Achievement Award)
  • This award is for specialists who have made exceptional commitments to progressing in Microbiology. It is the foremost prestigious award of the full conference and is labelled as Scientific Service Achievement Award. The qualification criteria for accomplishing this award is that one ought to have least of 20+ years of experience within the relative field in public or private segment. The collector of this award ought to have a committed interest and should take activity in inquiring about the later patterns and improvements towards the related subjects. You'll be able select deserving candidate through online.



  • Professional Level (The Research Contribution Award)
  • The awards is for professionals and experts  who have done research in Microbiology and having knowledge at 10+ years expertise within the field of Microbiology with most pertinent achievements. Part-time inquire about involvement would be checked as pro-rata. It is calculated starting from the date after you obtained the (primary) degree entitling you to set out on a doctorate (either within the nation in which the degree was obtained or within the nation in which the analyst is enlisted), indeed in case a doctorate was never begun. You'll be able select deserving candidate through online.


  • Scholar Level (The Upcoming Researcher Award)
  • The conference offers Researcher contribution Award for the upcoming researchers, analysts and specialists having 10+ years research experience and involvement within the field of Microbiology. Our conference would like to provide best stage to extend your network by sharing your research information. Presentation includes 25-30 minutes of oral talk on the scientific research topics based on the theme of the conference along with 5 minutes panel discussions. You can recommend the noteworthy professional through online.


  • Women Scientist (The Women of Science Award)
  • Women are an important section of the workforce, more particularly in the Microbiology research domain. The challenges faced by them are several but most often the "break in career" arises out of motherhood and family responsibilities. To address such issues, conferenceseries launched "Women Scientist" award for Awards 2020 category. We welcome all the women scholars, scientists, researchers from Universities/industries who are having minimum of +10 years of experience to join in this forum. We wholeheartedly welcome all the talented and dynamic women professionals. Anyone can propose this award through online.


  • Outstanding speaker in Applied Microbes 2020
  • Outstanding speakers can create memorable presentations which can inspire and motivate audiences. They go beyond delivering information – these speakers get their research across while connecting and engaging the audience in the field of Microbiology. You can recommend the noteworthy professional through online.


  • Best Keynote Speaker in Applied Microbes 2020
  • The right keynote speaker adds something special to the event. They take the important message, repackage it and deliver it back to the participants with an unmatched power and vigour. They change the delegate’s way of thinking and leave the participants feeling energized and inspired.


  • Best Poster Presentation in Applied Microbes 2020
  • Posters are a key component of communicating research and an important element in a successful scientific career. Student Poster Competition is organized at Conference, to encourage students and recent graduates to present their original research. All accepted abstracts will be presented at the poster sessions during the conference. Conference Series aims at setting a platform for all the budding scientists and researchers to present their real-time work and share their views and aspects related to the theme of the conference. You can nominate someone deserving of the award through online.


  • Outstanding Masters/Ph.D./Post Doctorate thesis work Presentation in Applied Microbes 2020
  • This award is recognizing for Masters/Ph.D./Post Doctorate thesis work Presentation who will present their projects and thesis that have been implemented to improve long-term excellence in the field of Microbiology. You can nominate deserving of the award through online.


    • Nomination Submissions are to be scrutinized by the Organizing Committee Members for the Conference and the Editorial Board Members of the Associated Journals.
    • Filing of Nomination does not guarantee the Award, Each nomination submitted has to go through the mentioned scrutiny process.
    • Self-Nominations are also welcomed.